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White flowers

We all know that the colour White stands for freshness, purity and innocence - but in a practical world, White is a way to express yourself with a statement of elegance, sophistication, neutrality. It gives an aura of being cool, calm, collected and composed. Our White selection of fresh flowers will send just this message - it will always be "Just Right".

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Pink flowers

How gorgeous is the colour Pink? It can be baby soft, fashionably feminine, or bravely macho. It can be exotic (think flamingoes) or extravagant (think pink cadillac). Our Pink selection of fresh flowers is all this and more because we have so many Pinks in fabulous combinations - all bursting with freshness and ready to be delivered with a smile to your favourite person. Everywhere and everyday.

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Red flowers

The big one - Red is love, lust, romance and richness. How to say so much with a simple gesture of fresh flowers in Red from our range? You choose, or we'll help may want to be subtle, or perhaps over the top - whatever you wish, we can do. Just add your message and away we go !

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Yellow flowers

Screaming sunshine, celebrating the sun, being bright and beautiful - our Yellow selection is all this and more. Smiles and happiness are guaranteed when a selection is made from our Yellow range of fresh flowers. Our Yellow flower range means there is something for everyone, for every occasion.

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Orange flowers

Combining red and yellow gives us the glow of Orange - vibrant, tropical, uninhibited...our Orange selection let's you express all this and more. A standout colour for that lucky standout person who you send our fresh Orange flowers to, the reaction you wish for is sure to happen!

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Mixed flowers

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