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About The Flower Man

So you have come to the “About Us” page.

The first thing you should know is that we love flowers!  When you order through us, you can be 100% confident that our talented florists will pour their heart and soul into making your arrangement because good isn't good enough.  We strive to only ever deliver the BEST! And the only thing we love as much as flowers, is YOU!  Rest assured we won’t treat you like a mushroom (keep you in the dark and throw you b s). Email us, phone us ...we are here for you.

So let’s have a short sweet conversation around the 6 w’s… 

Who…We have been in this business for more than 50 years, so we know flowers. We are a family company and still love what we do.

What…We deliver flowers (and plants) and the yummy stuff as well... Simple. Whatever the occasion, whatever you are trying to say, chances are we have been there, done it and have a huge amount of experience to assist you in your flower journey.

When…Not Sundays. That leaves you 6 other days to get your act together and make every day count . We deliver Monday-Saturday so you have no excuses…really.

Where (are we?)…. Sydney has forever been home, but we're now up and running all over the place!

Where (do we deliver?)… We deliver across all of Sydney and throughout Australia. Whether you're sending flowers to Grandma in the heart of Sydney, or Cousin Jo all the way over in Perth, just ring us – we’ll handle it.

Why…Because we love it. We love the seasonality of flowers, the knowledge that we are the temporary custodians of your hopes, thank yous, sympathies, apologies, in fact every emotion we go through is best expressed...through us. We love helping you express your words and hearing that we made a difference in your lives. That’s why.

So that’s “About Us”. 

We can say a lot more, but you really want to just get on with it, don’t you?

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